Moments to Memories

Ring It In!
For New Years, we went bowling. It was fun because while Nathan and I were dating we went almost every Thursday night. Nathan is really good. He throws the ball at 22.44 mph (but I think that's the highest speed the meter can read) and puts the perfect spin on the ball for a STRIKE almost every time. If he doesn't get a strike, he gets a spare. He diligently teaches me, but I can't seem to put all the parts together. If my body is lined up, my arm is crooked, if my arm is straight, my body is off center...I can't win. Nonetheless, it was fun. We went with a few friends, and the whole bowling alley stopped bowling for the count down to 2010.

Nathan gets a strike...again...

The Year 2009 was a Good Year

Nathan started going to Ashford University and finished 51 college units this year when the average is only 30. He is studying sociology, and he is doing exceptionally well. He has a 3.8 GPA! He continues to be a good friend to those who are close to him, and a good husband to me.

I completed my second year teaching at West Ranch High, and stared on my third. I finally got my own classroom, and I love the schedule I was given. Aside from the occasional punk kids, everything is going smoothly. I finished my credential program back in May giving me a preliminary credential, and I am in the process of clearing my credential so that I can have more job security.

In January, Nathan and I celebrated 2 years of marriage with seeing Phantom of the Opera. We also did a little bit of traveling this year and we have plans to continue traveling in 2010. Over the summer, we went to Las Vegas and in September we took a trip up to San Francisco for the first time. We fell in love and we plan on going back early this year. We discovered new whole-in-the-wall joints at which to eat, and we are on the constant search for more. Everyday we laughed at our dogs Sarah and Delilah and everyday we strive to be a little better at pleasing one another and positively moving forward on this journey called "life."

What's in Store?

Nathan and I aren't sure, but we know it will be a big year of transitions. We will celebrate 3 years of marriage on January 27nd. While it is 3 years married, it will be 5 years together :). Nathan will finish his degree March 1st, and after throwing huge celebratory party, he hopes to find a job in the juvenile delinquent system; a place where he can guide and help troubled teens. We are not sure where he will be able to find a job, but what we do know is we are tired of apartment living, and we hope to buy a home. I will continue teaching because I couldn't ask for a better career. We will continue to to travel, and we look forward to San Francisco in January and New York in April. We will see our favorite artist, Michael Buble, in April as well. We will continue to love our dogs and, most importantly, love each other.

HERE'S TO 2010

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