...Just Adorable...

My sister in law is a photographer centered in Provo, Utah and she does amazing work. She photographed my wedding and was amazing. She recently requested some of my beanies in a newborn size for a photo shoot she was doing. So I packaged up some of my hats and shipped them to her. They turned out to be quite adorable! Visit my Etsy shop Lap of Luxury to see more of my work, and visit Nickell Photography to see more of her amazing work.


"Snow White"

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  1. Melody, you are so talented at those!! Love them all!!! How cute are those pictures!

  2. OMG!! Those are just adorable and so teenie tiny!! I just love Nickell's work and so cute with the beenies.

  3. Those beanies are adorable...I love that picture of the baby in the teacup. Seriously, she thinks of the cutest pictures, and now you have cute pictures for your shop!


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