Despite my love for fashion, I try to be smart with my money and not buy all the cute items I see and want. I do a pretty good job at it too, yet a month never goes by where I do not buy myself something. Some months I go easy on the checkbook, while others I find myself struggling at the end of the month due to my shopping (actually this is most months). I am someone who would rather spend my money on fashion over food, so sadly Nathan and I have to scrounge around and dig up some type of meal--usually mac-n-cheese and a chicken patty or something like that...anyway...I digress...

Over the years, I have been building my boot collection. While it might not be as glorious as some, I am quite proud of it, and none cost me more than $50. I tell myself all the time that I am done. I have all the boots one could possibly need. Then my catalogs come in the mail, or I find myself perusing the internet and a pair of boots starts calling my name. I will find a great sale, and I cave.

Boots are my favorite style chaussure (that's shoe in French). I think I have finally completed my collection, but even as I type this, I know I am just telling you all lies...

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  1. Those are fun. I like the one's on the back on the far left. I'm looking for some that color. So cute.

  2. That is hilarious! Boots are so fun and flattering and can you resist. I only own 10.

  3. All my girls love shoes and boots! Maybe thats because you had to wear the same shoes over and over?

  4. I wish I had just one pair of those cute boots! My boots are big snow boots I wear day in and day out because of necessity. Snow boots are never half as cute as any of those.


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