A Little Birdy

Today I was sitting on the couch crocheting when I heard a bird chirp. I thought to myself, "That bird chirps really loud," and not a second later I heard the flutter of wings and I looked up and found a little brown bird perched on our ceiling fan. I had the patio door open and he flew right on in. He flew over to the window thinking it was his way back to the outside world but only met the hard glass. Sarah and Delilah of course noticed him by now and watched him in amazement. After taking a few pictures, I put on some oven gloves and gently grabbed the bird, took him outside and set him free. The chirped in gratitude and he flew away.

This is the second time I've come to the rescue of a bird. When I was a girl, my Mom always picked roses from her garden and placed them on the kitchen window seal when one day a humming bird saw them and flew in for the nectar. This little bird too tried to escape through the glass only to become frustrated and tangled in the blinds. I will never forget climbing up on the counter, gently cupping my hands and scooping up the tiny bird. Right when I placed my hands underneath her, she become calm and sat in the palm of my hands. She was tiny and iridescent. I walked her outside and she swiftly hummed away.

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