More Laughs

Last night Nathan captured these pictures of Sarah. He was calling the girls to out them away for the night, but Sarah was no where to be found, then he found her. Let me explain what you are seeing. Nathan has a foot pillow he puts on the coffee table when he puts his feet up. As you can see Sarah and Delilah ruined it. Last night Sarah made a bed out of it. She borrowed herself in there and fell asleep. She can sleep anywhere. I think Nathan needs a new pillow.

This is a little video of Sarah talking. She wants to play with Delilah, but Delilah was sleeping :)

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  1. little Melody toes. Sarah can be a vantriliquist by talking without moving her mouth. Funny girl.

  2. how cute. your dogs are perfect for the show "man vs wild" because they are resilient enough to make a warm bed out of anything :)

  3. I noticed the little Melody toes too.

  4. It's cute the way she tries to tell you what she wants. Hilarious about the foot pillow.


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