I Do Beauty & Bobbipins

I had the opportunity to do a little modeling, which was fun. A friend, Marci De Leon, a beauty specialist and make-up artist, wanted to put together a photoshoot to share her bridal looks. Her friend Melissa Smith is a hair dresser, so she was able to showcase her skills as well. When asked if I wanted to model, I of course said yes because what woman doesn't enjoy being pampered and beautified? I LOVE what they did.

Marci's blog is located at idobeauty.blogspot.com
Melissa's blog is located at littlebobbipins.blogspot.com

Me looking like a real bride with the veil, white dress and all

Melissa created a beautiful, delicate wave in my hair. Very pretty.

The back view of my hair. Melissa works magic because, as you know, my hair is short but you could never tell by this hairstyle...A-mazing!

Here are all the "brides." I feel like we are posing like the Real Housewives do or something...

Some more beautiful shots