All Work and No Play

Nathan got a job! We are so happy. He got a job working with troubled youth just like he always wanted. It took him getting his Bachelor Degree in order to get a job he desired. He will be working in a home in Van Nuys; it is a residential home in which six boys live. They are boys who belong to the state. Nathan will have the opportunity to talk to, counsel, guide and help these youths.

While we are super excited for his job, I will be a little lonely for a while because of his schedule. He will be working from 2:00-11:00 pm Thursday-Sunday and until I am off for summer vacation, I will only see Nathan Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Saturday and Sunday before he leaves for work :( I am not looking forward to spending the evenings alone. At least until summer vacation I wont see him very much.

The schedule will work well for Nathan because he will be able to workout on the mornings like he enjoys and go to work at night. It will be a great job for him to start out with and really get good experience as he continues on in this field.

We are looking forward to the summer though. We are already planning on a few trips to Vegas and San Francisco on those days he has off because M.T.W. are the cheap days for hotels.

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  1. Yay! Congratulations... that is so neat that he is living his dream :)


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