Last week my sister-in-law Nickell, who is a fabulous photographer, was kind enough to organize a photoshoot for me. She took beautiful shots of my items. Here is a little peek-a-boo at a few of the shots. I am so very excited to get these pictures up on Etsy. No more shots of me and my stucco wall.
Special Thanks go to:
Nickell: the photographer who shared her talent with me
Brandon: my brother who found the beautiful location (he is also putting together a promotional video for me which I am super excited about)
Kylee, Kelsee, Becca and Hannah: the beautiful models

Check out Nickell's work here at Nickell photography.

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  1. Love the pictures, that will be great for your etsy shop!

  2. Nice! Beautiful pictures... she did a fantastic job of showcasing your creations :)

  3. Great pictures. I love all of your designs.

  4. Cute hats Melody! And that baby's face is to die for!! Love it.


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