Fashion Sew

I have been doing some sewing lately. I took about a year off from sewing and I am excited to have the time again.
Here are my latest projects:
Over a month ago, Nathan and I went down to the LA Fashion District where I bought these two fabrics, one is a cute, cotton flower print and the other is a feminine, cotton with pink stripes.

I made the flower dress first. It was very simple and it is very light and great for summer.

The pink striped dress turned out super cute, but it wasn't as easy. I am obsessed with pockets and I love that about this dress, that and the ruffle around the neck.

These next two dresses were experiments. I noticed that what I call "t-shirt dresses" are popular, I in fact bought 2 from Old Navy. I knew I could make some of my own, so I went through my drawers and found some tops that I don't wear anymore and I bought some knit fabrics to match. I used the skirt portion of a dress pattern (the same pattern I used for the pink striped dress) and I made it according to the directions. Then I simply cut the top to an appropriate length and I sewed the skirt to the top. Notice the pockets. LOVE THEM!

The above dress is the first one I made. I accessorized with a thick high-waisted belt. The dress below was the second. I have about 3 more tops I want to make into dresses.

Here is my old top

here is the fabric I used...super easy!