Nothing Comes Close to the Golden Coast

I LOVE where I live. Often times I wonder how people end up where they are, and I am glad my family ended up in California. Despite the fact that most of them have abandoned California, I am glad to be here still. As Katy Perry puts it, "Nothing comes close to the Golden Coast, " and it is so true. Here are a few things I love about California:
  1. The beach. Just 45 minutes away is an oasis of tans, sun, surf and sand
  2. The summer sun
  3. There is no snow, and if I wanted it (which I usually don't) I can go up to the mountains
  4. Going down to LA or Hollywood for great entertainment or food
  5. The palm trees
  6. The shopping
  7. The weather
Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite thing about the Golden Coast is!

***Now listen to Katy Perry's "California Gurls"***