HOT! Yoga

The other day my friend Amanda and I signed up to take 10 session of Hot Yoga and today we had our first class. When they say "hot" yoga, they are not kidding. It was 87% in the room! When I work out I sweat, and the heat just intensified that. I was immediately dripping. When class was over I was soaking wet! I am not exaggerating when I say it was like a jumped in a pool with my clothes on. There was one square of clothing that was dry. I was so wet that my finger tips were pruned as if I had been soaking in a bath. The class was 75 minutes long and I hung in there until the very end. About 10 minutes before the class ended, I realized I was dehydrated. I took a big, long swig of my water and finished the class. 9 more classes to go.

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