Nathan and Melody's BBQ Joint

On 4th of July Nathan and I hosted a little party with some of our closest friends and family. Nathan cooked up a tri-tip for the first time, and for his first attempt it was very impressive. He also cooked up some of his famous "Naked Hotdogs."

I contribute in a few ways. I had been craving Red Velvet cupcakes for a few days so I made some Red Velvet "Red White and Blue" cupcakes. They curbed my craving and they were festive :)

We wanted our party to be like our own little BBQ joint; therefore, we wanted to make our own mac-n-cheese and we absolutely love Wood Ranch's mac-n-cheese, so we went there the night before and we asked our waitress what cheeses are in theirs. We were thinking there would be a few different gourmet cheeses taking into consideration how yummy it is, but she came back after asking the cooks and to her own surprise she told us that it is only butter, heavy whipping cream and Velveeta cheese! And so we made our own, and I have to say it stands up to Wood Ranch's. Everyone loved it.

Nathan's mom Linda brought the dessert. She brought this last year and since then I have been looking forward to having it again. It's a bowl full of jell-o, whipped cream, fruit goodness!

Then it was fireworks time. We went up to the school where I teach because we have a view of the whole valley.

Sarah was cold so I wrapped her in my sweater.

Family Photo.

Pretty Delilah and Me.


Nathan and his baby Sarah.

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