Talked, Laughed, Swam and Tanned

After our last Vegas trip, Nathan and I decided it would be fun to make a trip with some friends, so we planned to take a trip with Nathan's best friend Todd, his sister Emily and her husband Jordan. Nathan and I stayed at Excalibur again and they stayed at their cousin's house. Nathan and I got into Vegas around noon and went straight to the pool for a few hours. They arrived a few hours later and met us at the pool. We hung out in the water because it was so hot and talked and caught up.


Emily and Jordan.

brother and sister.

We all got ready for dinner in our hotel room and we had to go to Grimaldi's. This is in part a large reason why I really wanted to come back to Vegas-- just for the pizza! They all liked it. This time we got extra mozzarella and fresh basil--perfection! After dinner we went next door to a frozen custard place called Nielsen's Frozen Custard. I guess these are popular in Utah where Todd, Em and Jordan have been living, and it was yummy. After dinner we did some grocery shopping for the next day.


Todd wanted a candid picture.

The next day we all went to the pool again talked, laughed, swam and tanned :)

For lunch, we all went up to our hotel room for sandwiches and then back to the pool.

That night for dinner we went to a buffet and then walked a part of the strip.

The Bellagio Botanical Garden.

It was a fun trip with some of our oldest and closest friends.

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