Go Broncos!

I recently had a pretty cool opportunity. I got a message on Etsy from a woman who is the wife of the strength and conditioning coach of the Denver Broncos. She complemented me on my work and wrote, "My husband is a coach with the Denver Broncos. We have 2 wives expecting and would love to give them a Broncos hat." She asked me to make the hats in Bronco's colors and to make one for a boy and another for a girl. The girl hat will go to the head coach's daughter! Yay cool! I think the hats turned out perfect, and she said they will be back for more business.

Nathan was so cute during the whole process. He has always supported my little business, but I have never seen him so involved before. He helped me choose the correct colors and he gave his input on the design. He wanted it to be perfect as much as me. We decided this will be a new thing. I will make hats now in college/professional sports team colors and he will help me choose the correct colors. So what do y'all what?

The girl's hat has a pretty flower

The boy's hat has a cute little football

I am now a forever fan of the Denver Broncos :)