Paris and Rome

She arrived early for their date, and so she sat in his black swivel office chair waiting. Music played from his computer beside her, and he came over and put on a song from a new artist he wanted to share with her. He loved sharing music with her and opening her eyes to artists she never knew. The song he played was "Home" and the artist was Michael Buble. The song played as he continued to get ready, and as he walked in and out of the bathroom she thought of how cute he looked in just his white socks, jersey shorts and t-shirt, but it wasn't just that, she looked at him and saw a strong man, a little rough around the edges, yet so sensitive. He was truly an anomaly and that intrigued her. And as she sat there watching him move about, she realized she was falling in love. From that point on, the song "Home" would never be just a song to her. +

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  2. This is beautiful and very sweet Melody. You guys sound really happy. And I love your new header pic. Tell Nate I said hello:)

  3. This sounds like the beginning of a great book. I'd like to read more.


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