What's Happening as of Late

It's been a little while, so I decided to do a little update. Nathan and are are doing great. Here are just a few things going on on our lives:
  1. The school year is five weeks underway. This year I am teaching all 1oth grade. I was really sad to find out I was not going to be able to teach mythology this year, and I was a little nervous about the thought of teaching all 10th grade. It turns out that I am really enjoying it. The 10th graders are a really great group this year. Needing to prep. for only one class has been great. I plan one day and do the same thing for two days (I teach on a block schedule). I was nervous it would seem monotonous, but it doesn't.
  2. Nathan loves his job too. He has great moments of frustration, but all in all he finds his job very rewarding. He really wants to further his education, and he is looking into graduate programs.
  3. My little Etsy business broke 100 sales a few weeks ago which was very exciting for me. I am currently prepping for a craft fair this fall, so whenever I can, in between grading papers, filling orders and household chores, I make items for the fair.
  4. Sarah and Delilah are living their happy little lives making us laugh everyday
  5. We might be homeowners soon (if that happens I will do a post all about it :)

I hate doing posts without pictures, so I will put this one up. Here I am looking like a crocheting maniac from last night.

Share your thoughts :

  1. Love the update! Lots of exciting things, and I hope the house works out! :0) xo

  2. That's a super sweet headband. So excited for you for the craft fair!!

  3. Sounds like and busy and happy life. You will really feel great when you own your own home and can wonder out into the yard at anytime to smell the roses. Miss you though!

  4. Wow! Such great things going on in your lives! I hope you are enjoying yourself. :)


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