Baby Naming

Today I went to the Baby Naming of my friend's little girl. It is a Jewish tradition where the baby receives a name to honor family members who have passed. Caitlyn's names come from her great grandmother on Chloe's side and her grandmother on Sean's side.

Chloe and Sean with their little girl in her pretty dress.

Caitlyn and Brody

On the way home I drove past my childhood home. It looks much different. It is now this ugly pea soup color...weird...

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  1. Her baby looks like a little doll! Too cute! And your house does look different....I haven't seen it in forever! I should drive by mine sometime too.

  2. It is weird to see the house. Strange to think how much that house meant to all of us and we grew up in it.

    chloe's little girl is so cute.

  3. And there is dad's handy work (the front steps). Nice orange cone - what's that all about?

  4. Why would they not leave the house that pretty yellow? Sad!


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