It's Getting Closer

Nathan and I need to be out of our apartment by Halloween. So we are continuing to make plans for the house. Everything will be done slowly but surely. We have big plans for the house, but we cannot do it all at once. One of the things we will do right away is refinish the kitchen cabinets in white and put in our new, pretty, shinny stainless steel appliances. The counter tops will wait for now. We went with the Frigidaire Gallery series. They will really make the kitchen look nice.

It was really important to us that we get a refigerator with french doors because we like the idea of having all our food up high right in front of us when we open the doors. We are so sick of our food being down low and having to bend way over just to get some fruit or veggies. We don't use the freezer very often so we don't care of that is down low. We also wanted a fridge with the water filter in the door, so it will be perfect for us! The stove is really nice too with convection and all that. That was important to Nathan since he is the cook around here. The microwave and the dishwasher just matched.

I have slowly been packing things up in between grading papers, crocheting and normal household chores. We are going to start bringing stuff over to the house gradually over the next few weeks. Did I mention we are buying this home from his mom who lives there now? Well we are, so we can bring stuff over and leave it there, which is nice.

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  1. So fun, isn't it! I am having a hard time with the 'slowly but surely' idea. I am so impatient, I want everything done at once.

    I just have finally accepted that the back yard will be a process. But yay for you guys! Good luck!


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