Swept Off

Today it is raining. Rainy days always bring me back to the days when Nathan and I first started dating. If was February/March and it was raining a lot. We used to just drive all around in Nathan's white Toyota Tacoma talking. We drove all around Santa Monica, Hollywood and Los Angeles. It was early in our relationship so we had conversations about our past, our philosophies, our old relationships and all the usual things it takes to get to know someone.

One thing I remember about that time was how I felt so comfortable so quickly with Nathan. As we drove through the rain, we talked so easily without reservations.

Now, whenever I am am driving in the rain, and I watch as each sprinkle of water is swept off the windshield, I remember how I too was swept off my feet while driving in the rain once upon a time.

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  1. It's nice to hear your reflections. You have a poetic way of writing.

    P.S. the picture of you in New York skyline is one of my favorites


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