Yes We Do

January marks our 4th wedding anniversary. When you've been married as long as us sans children, people bring up the question, "When are you guys going to have a baby?" It is a very valid question, and seeing as Nathan and I both come from large families, one would assume we would want kids of our own. So this post is to answer the questions burning inside of you in regards to Nathan and I starting a family.

Yes, we want to have children, it just isn't happening for us like we planned. We started "trying" back in March hoping to get pregnant sometime between then and August. We figured the timing would be perfect for my work schedule because I would have the baby in the second semester of school and then it would lead into the time I have off for the Summer.

Well, as months began to pass, by menstrual cycle never regulated once I stopped the pill.
As a teenager, I never had a regular period. I figured playing on the basketball, volleyball and track and field teams I was considered pretty athletic. Yet, after high school it never did really quite regulate. It was only regular while on the pill. Now tying to get pregnant this serves as a major issue.

A few months back, my doctor recommended Nathan and I start infertility treatment. So in September we had our preliminary blood work done. Through this process, it was revealed that I never received the Rubella Vaccine in my childhood. I was informed that I need to do this and afterward I cannot become pregnant for 3 months due to the adverse affect the vaccine could have on a fetus. I received this news in the beginning of October. The noticed informed me that I can go in and get the vaccine 3 days into my next period to ensure I am not pregnant. Well, I haven't had a period since September (no I am not pregnant). So I have been waiting indefinitely for my period to start so I can get the vaccine. I finally contacted my doctor this weekend and informed her about what is going on.

She stated that I am most likely not ovulating and that is why I am not menstruating. She prescribed me a medication called Provera which will make me have a period. It won't fix my issue with ovulation, but it will stop the lining of my uterus from continually building up which could lead to cancer or endometriosis in the long run. I will also receive the Rubella Vaccine this week. I took a pregnancy test this morning just to make sure I am not pregnant.

After receiving the vaccine, we will move forward with infertility testing to try to diagnose what the issue is behind my lack of ovulation and period to decide what method is best for us to try to conceive a baby.

For now, Nathan and I continue to live our lives enjoying the two of us. We continue to make plans for the future and enjoy the blessing we have.

I am sharing this story because who knows, maybe there is someone out there who has, or is struggling with the same issues of conceiving a child. If so please leave a comment. It is nice to know we are not alone in this.