Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning 2010

Christmas Eve

This year's Christmas Eve was spent at our home with old friends. Todd, Nathan's best friend, came down from Utah to spend the holiday with us and his siblings, Kyle and Amanda, who live here in California. Nathan cooked up a very moist turkey and stuffing. We watched Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, the claymation one, before dinner as well as Mickey's Christmas Carol.

Christmas Morning

When we were purchasing our home, which originally was Nathan's great grandmother's home, Nathan asked me if I wouldn't mind if we put a picture of her up in the home somewhere. I of course replied with an, "Of course not!". I think it would be a nice homage to her in the home that once was hers. Nathan was very close to his "Nonnie" (that's what he called her. Petra is her real name). She took care of him for a greater part of his life--from 8th grade until he graduated high school and he lived with her often post graduation. Earlier this month I contacted Nathan's mom in Utah and asked her to have some pictured copied and blown up of Nonnie as well as some other pictures Nathan has talked about in the past. One is Nonnie and Grandpa Herman in the cleaners they used to own. Nathan's mom also sent me few other pictures too. When Nathan opened the gift and saw his grandmother's face smiling back at him, he began to weep. I didn't expect him to cry. I've only witnessed Nathan crying one other time. He got up and he hugged me through his tears. It was one of the sweetest moments. He said it was the best gift he has ever received.

Petra and Herman in the cleaners they owned.

The inside of their liquor store.

Grandpa Herman Bayon playing in his Mariachi Band. He was from Spain. He is on the left.

Nathan put a lot of time and effort into wrapping my presents as you can tell. He got me everything I asked for. He got me a pink snuggie so I can have my hands free to crochet and be warm at the same time. Dolce & Gabbana, Light Blue perfume. Nike Free running shoes. And a Black Fossil watch.

I also got Nathan new Nikes and some clothes.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Those photos are awesome! I LOVE love love the one inside the cleaners. So cool! I'm always a huge fan of photo gifts!

  2. Wow, these are really beautiful photos. What a wonderful idea :-)

  3. wow... a watch is a bomb ... nice one :)


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