I'm Moving Shoes #1

When we moved into our home Nathan said, "I'm moving shoes" and a remark about how many boxes of shoes I have. He then proceeded to say that I "never wear all these shoes." This got me thinking and wondering if do I wear "all these shoes." I decided that I would challenge myself to wear them all and when I do I will blog about it. Now, I wont necessarily wear a different pair everyday, but I will do my best and when I do, I will take a picture or two of myself and post it. You all will be witness to the fact that I do wear "all these shoes."

No judging. I may not have as many shoes as some of you. But this is my own little collection. I of course may not be wearing any of the sandals and flip-flops that I own becuase it is winter here, so those do not count for this season. I will also try to let you guys know where I purchased them just in case you want to do a little shopping :)

Breckelle's Outlaw
$27.74 - Sale

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