I'm Moving Shoes #1

When we moved into our home Nathan said, "I'm moving shoes" and a remark about how many boxes of shoes I have. He then proceeded to say that I "never wear all these shoes." This got me thinking and wondering if do I wear "all these shoes." I decided that I would challenge myself to wear them all and when I do I will blog about it. Now, I wont necessarily wear a different pair everyday, but I will do my best and when I do, I will take a picture or two of myself and post it. You all will be witness to the fact that I do wear "all these shoes."

No judging. I may not have as many shoes as some of you. But this is my own little collection. I of course may not be wearing any of the sandals and flip-flops that I own becuase it is winter here, so those do not count for this season. I will also try to let you guys know where I purchased them just in case you want to do a little shopping :)

Breckelle's Outlaw
$27.74 - Sale

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  1. Those are really cute. I want them. You are evil doing this cause now I'll want to buy more shoes!

  2. Coming over from Sassy's blog.
    and I actually like your boots. ((I am so NOT a 'fashion person')

    What? no sandals? I wear my sandals year round, even when we lived in Ohio. (I did change to snow boots for actual playing in the snow)

  3. First, You are beautiful! Second, It will be fun to see you different blogs on "moving shoes". You, heather, summer and amber LOVE shoes!

  4. I haven't looked at your blog in a while and thought moving shoes huh? lol. What a brilliant idea, guys don't get the whole shoe thing :) You have great taste your outfits are so cute and I am loving our shoes the fact that you included the where to buy is fantastic!!
    p.s. I am so sad that I missed your boutique! I hope you made some great money!♥


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