I'm Moving Shoes #10

These pictures were taken inside my home because the weirdest thing happened. When I got home from church there was a swarm of bees right outside my front door! I covered my head with my arm, as if that would protect me from getting stung, and quickly got inside hoping no bees followed me. I then went to the backyard to do my little photoshoot leaving the backdoor open so Sarah and Delilah could come out too. I wanted to try a different spot for pictures, but that didn't work out. When I crossed back across the yard, I noticed another swarm of bees, fairly close to the open backdoor. I quickly ran inside calling Delilah and Sarah in after me. Once inside noticed a familiar buzzzzz inside my home. About 5 bees were in my kitchen, and they were not happy about the pain of glass that separated them from their friends outside. I grabbed the fly swatter and spent about 5 minutes hunting the buggers down. I figured the safest pace for us all was to stay inside.

I am wearing black suede peep-toe wedges from Payless. I've had these shoes for a good 3 or 4 year now and love them. They are great with skirts, dresses and jeans. I've paired them with a stripped sweater from F21, and safari style skirt from Old Navy. The belt is Old Navy too.

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  1. ooohhh, and also a sneak peak of your new house! This outfit is adorable. I love the stripes--you look skinny :)

  2. Delilah matches your outfit! Cute with the belt.

  3. Cute outfit! I love your creativity.


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