I'm Moving Shoes #11

I wore repeat shoes today so these photos are from yesterday. I was out late last night and didn't have time to plan out an outfit for today. Today I just wore repeat shoes, leggings and a long -t-.

Finals have begun. I cannot believe how quickly they arrived. I seems as if I was just introducing myself to a new group of 10th graders. Last night Nathan and I were discussing if this increase in time passing is a bad thing or a good thing. We came to the conclusion that it depends. The faster summer vacation arrives--good thing. The fact that time is quickly passing and I haven't changed my lifestyle and gone back to the gym--bad thing.

Like my sunglasses? They are my new prescription glasses. I decided I needed some becuase I am getting squint lines above my nose. They are Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF). I am wearing boots purchased from Delias. I've had these for about 3 years. You can't really seem them, but that are similar in style to the boots from Moving Shoes #7 . I am also wearing a flannel button up purchased at either Ross or Marshalls. The grandpa cardigan is F21 and the belt and jeans are Gap. The crochet slouchy beret is made by me and is a part of my Lap of Luxury line.

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  1. oh wow, very nice outfit, like it a lot :)


  2. I like the shots by the stack of logs. Cute glasses.

  3. I like the comfortable casualness oft this outfit. I like that the hat matches the sweater.


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