I'm Moving Shoes #14

The rain has finally cleared. I spent my day crocheting, cleaning and preparing for company to come to our house. We aren't having any family come for the holidays, but we are having Nathan's best friend Todd come to stay with with us for a little while. We are doing Christmas Eve dinner at our place. Nathan is going to cook up a turkey, his famous stuffing and other goodness.

Today my outfit was all about comfort. The boots are purchased from cutesygirl.com (have you caught on that I shop there a lot yet?). They are just simple tan flat boots worn over my jeans from Charlotte Russe. I've paired them with a salmon -t- from Charlotte Russe and a white cardigan from Old Navy. The accessories were kept simple with a long Eiffel Tower charmed necklace purchased on Etsy.

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

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  1. Did you intend for your puppies to be in the picture? 'cause they totally match!


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