I'm Moving Shoes #15

I wore this on Christmas. I thought the top was Christmasy, so when I bought it a few weeks ago I saved it to wear on Christmas. I also thought it is lumberjack-like so I posed next to our pile of wood. I've almost worn all my boots already because it's been so cool here (I can't say "so cold" because this is California for cry out loud and let's be honest it doesn't get that cold here). We went over to some friends for Christmas dinner, but I got sick and had to go home early and I slept in today and woke up feeling much better.

The boots were purchased from Alloy.com and I have them in brown too so you will be seeing those eventually. The top of the boots can be cuffed, but I always wear them un-cuffed. The jeans are 7 for all Mankind. Sad story about these jeans. I've had them for 4 years now. I love them and I've worn them so so much that I've worn holes in the crotch, which I patched up. Well last night, while I was feeling sick and getting into the car, I had to stretch my leg over the gutter which was gushing water (it rained last night) and into the car, and as I sprung myself into the car I felt a big RIP. The crotch tore from side to side. I now have to give in a buy myself a new pair. Sad day. The top is F21 and the watch is the new Fossil watch I got for Christmas. The red circle earring were purchased at Target I believe.

I am glad I was able to document the last day of my 7 Jeans existence.

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  1. it's as if the passing of your first pair of sevens brought in the birth of my first pair (that sean bought me for chrismtas!!!)

  2. i've never had a new pair of sevens. just good old thrifted ones. i'd love to get some though, you look great in yours! no joke:)


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