I'm Moving Shoes #2

Sorry these pictures aren't that great. We went out after dark last night and I don't have a fancy camera for night photos. Maybe one day.

I've had these shoe for a year or so now. My sister Amber owns a pair too. They have traveled around the country with the and walked streets from San Francisco to New York City. They are great boots with a comfy, fuzzy faux fur inside. I paired them with gray skinny jeans from Charololtte Russe $27, a fanel top from Target $15 and a black scarf from Stein Mart $10.

These boots are definitely one of my favorite go-to boots.


To find out why I'm moving shoes Click Here

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  1. I like the grey outfit with the black boots.

  2. I'd love to have a pair of black boots like that...but, it probably won't happen - not now at least.


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