I'm Moving Shoes #3

It's raining outside now. It started to sprinkle just as I was taking these pictures. I love the rain as long as I don't have to run any errands in it.

I am wearing white Cathy Jean peep-toe pumps. I bought these, gosh, it must be four or five years ago now and I have worn them maybe four times. One of the reasons for that is they are a half size too small. But I absolutely loved them and I bought them on sale at a great price. They have 1950s flair to them. I just couldn't resist. I probably will never wear them to work because they squeeze my feet and quickly become uncomfortable, so I wear them for short periods of time when I will be sitting down mostly.

I wore these the day I interviewed for my teaching job. They are my lucky shoes.

I paired them with a full skirt I purchased at TJ Max for $15 and a colonial blue top I purchased at Marshalls for $7. I accessorized with a chunky black bead necklace (price ?) and blue, wood rose earrings that I got in the LA Fashion District for $1. I wore my Anne Klein coat I got on Amazon.com for $85 last year to keep warm.

Please excuse the background. It is our un-landscaped backyard.

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