I'm Moving Shoes #4

So I take these pictures on my own. The husband is working, and even if he were home I would not bother him about it. He just wouldn't get it. So I am left with trying to find places where I can set up my little camera. I am tying to be creative with what I have to work with.

I played around with Photoshop to edit these pictures. I thought the faded look kinda fit the style of the outfit and background.

So can you tell it's Monday by my outfit and the obvious lack of accessories? I even forgot to put on my watch. I did manage to get some earring on this morning though only becuase they were sitting on the bathroom counter and happened to match. I am not sure how I would have accessorized this outfit better though. I tried belting the top, but wasn't sure if I liked it so I didn't wear it. So suggestions? How would you have jazzed up this outfit?

Oh, the shoes...these taupe, slouchy, cowgirl-esque boots were purchased on sale from alloy.com. Again, another pair of my go-to boots.

shoes: alloy.com*top: F21*brown leggings: Charlotte Russe*beige wooden teardrop earrings: boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ

To find out why I am moving shoes Click Here

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  1. Look at that little tush. I like the yellow shirt. I would through in something unexpected, like a flash of a different color. And I think a belted loop look would be cute.

  2. I belt a lot of stuff I wear. Maybe you could throw a vest over the shirt!

  3. Lady you are so pretty! I love your style :-)



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