I'm Moving Shoes #5

One of my student told me I look like a Winter Leopard today. I LOVE leopard print--in moderation--on a shoe here and a belt there. It's my fav! I tried to sneak animal print into my home decor, but the hubs would have none of it.

These are another pair of shoes that I've had for about four years and I have only worn a few times. I picked the outfit out first. Initially, I put on a pair of back high heels, but then I decided it was all a little too monochromatic, and I wanted to add something unexpected and these leopard shoes were just the right choice. They are Guess, but purchased at Marshalls. My Mom made my broach. Love her. I owe all my creativity to her. The black dress is Forever21 and the rust turtleneck is from Target.

I took these pictures super quickly when I got home becuase we had to go out and run a bunch of errands for the house. Nathan was so great today. We worked hard to get everything set up while I was at work. So when I got home the dinning room table and the bedroom furniture were all set up. I was so excited to see it. It felt like Christmas.

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  1. You know the song "Foxy Lady" by Jimi Hendrix (one of my favs when I was a teenager). That's the song for you. I miss taking pictures of you. The shoes definitely add to the outfit! Love YOU!

  2. Those shoes look amazing on you & seriously make the outfit, fierce!

  3. I remember when you got those shoes and I saw them in a picture and immediately called you because I HAD TO GET ME SOME! I love mine which are slightly different with a peeptoe, but I need to wear them more--except I always question how church appropriate they are and that's about the only time I wear heels...usually.


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