I'm Moving Shoes #8

I am about to go cook up some chocolate chip cookies. Do not be impressed. I am going to make one of those Bettey Crocker cookies in a bag thingys. I am doing a little boutique tomorrow where I am selling my Lap of Luxury items and all the ladies are to bring a snack. After I finsihed setting up my booth, I stopped by Walgreens to buy some make-up. I had the intention of making the cookies from scratch, but realized that I don't have any chocolate chips. I thought Walgreens might have chocolate chips, so to save myself another trip somewhere else I checked it out. They didn't, but they did have the cookies in a bag mix. I checked the back to see what was needed. Eggs. I didn't have any (can you tell I am not a very good homemaker in the sense that I don't even have eggs in my house). Well guess what, Walgreens sells eggs!

I am wearing red flats purchased at cutesygirl.com. I've paied them with a floral shirt made my me, teal cardigan from Styles for Less, jeans from Gap and a brown weave belt from Target. The watch is Fossil. Th necklace was purchase in the LA Fashion District for $1.

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