I'm Moving Shoes #9

Today was beautiful--blue sky, wind, leaves blowing. The leaves are definitely falling. Our lawn is covered with them. We should invest in a rake. We are new to this owning a yard thing and the chores that come along with it.

Do these boots look familiar? They should. Look Here. I have these Bandit Boots in copper and gray because I love them that much! I am wearing a gray cardigan from F21, a mauve t-shirt from Marshalls with a white cami underneath, cobblestone leggings from Victoria's Secret. I accessorized with a scarf from Styles for Less and a slouchy beret beanie in clay made my me from my Lap of Luxury line. The watch is Fossil. But my cutest accessory is my chihuahua Sarah.

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  1. you look so pretty here. i love it when you are truly smile/laughing :)

  2. I agree, you have beautiful smile :)
    cute outfit ...

    fun times with the doggies



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