Just to Clarify

Back in June I wrote a blog titled Baby Food for Thought and now I feel like I need to clarify something with all the recent developments. I feel like there is an elephant in the room and I need to address it. I might be the only one who sees this elephant, but it will make me feel better talking about this. At the time I wrote that blog, we had been trying to get pregnant for 4 months. Things weren't happening for us like we planned. I was feeling discouraged, confused, frustrated and a little bit angry. I started to question the whole baby thing, and everything surrounding it, but I never did not want to have kids. I don't want people thinking, well she got what she asked for or anything like that. I look forward to being able to be pregnant and start a family. And after all this time I have come to a good place where all musings of that post are gone. I've accepted my pathway. Thanks to all those who have reached out to me. It is appreciated.

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  1. I wish you nothing but good in yours and your husbands lives! You are a kind and sweet person and deserve the best.


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