We Heart Mr. Buble

Monday night Nathan and I went to our third Michael Bublé concert. We saw in back in April of this year. It essentially was the same concert, but we didn't care. I actually liked begin able to predict what he was going to do because I knew when he would be walking down our aisle and that I needed to be out there so I could be right next to him when he passed. He even looked right at me and we clasped hands. I know Nathan was jealous, and not because the reason you might think, he wishes he could have clasped hands with him instead...j/k...love you babe.

We sat in row 15, but I basically was in the first row because I walked up to the stage with all the other crazies. See the pictures and video below. You can see how close I was.

Once again it was another great performance and a great time.

This is how he ended the show a cappella .

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