A Belting Success?

Yesterday I complained about my belting issues, but that doesn't mean I don't try. I belted my outfit today. I've decided that I do better with thick belts. I actually copied this outfit from one of my students. She wore a super cute outfit, and as I looked at the pieces I thought, I could do that, so I did. I didn't do a new Moving Shoes today because these boots were feeling neglected. They told me.

Outfit: flannel tunic, Styles for Less; back t-shirt, Marshalls; black jeggins, F21; belt, Old Navy; boot socks, F21; boots, Cutesygirl; earring, ?; watch, Fossil

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  1. that's a fantastic belt! love the caramel-colored leatherish bit over the, what is that, ivory canvas or something? anyway. i love it.

  2. bel it like - wow :)


  3. i love this lubberjack inspired outfit. Good choice with the thick belt. I hear ya on the whole belting issue. I do much better with thick ones too. I want your boots!

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