A Good Year

I said 2010 would be a good year and it was. We started the year off with a trip to San Francisco, our second. In February, we enjoyed a trip to Utah to spend time with friends and family. For Spring Break in April we vacationed in New York City. I spent the summer soaking up the sun at the beach, by the pool, in Vegas, and most exciting of all in Hawaii where we visited my sister Summer. I ended my third year teaching and began my fourth. We saw Michael Buble in concert twice. I started my little Lap of Luxury business which ended up being pretty successful. I participated in my first craft fair. Nathan graduated with his BA in Sociology and was quickly hired to do what he's always wanted. But perhaps most exciting of all we purchased our first home. Everything we said we wanted to happen did. We are very blessed.

2011 is projected to be a great year as well. We are going to NYC in April again. We will enjoy living in our beautiful home. We will love each other and our dogs like crazy. We will travel. And hopefully we will be blessed with getting pregnant so we can start a family.

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  1. hey there, ... I'm wishing you guys happy new year :)
    I hope it gets even more than this last one


  2. I can't believe I haven't followed your blog yet! But your little incentive reminded me so now I am a follower! :) So your lap of luxury line...do you do custom orders?

  3. You really did have an amazing year!! Hopefully next year will be just as wonderful!
    If you and Nathan want to ever stop over in Ohio you are always welcome...we might have more trees and cows and factories than New York, but it sure can be beautiful!
    Oh, and I can't believe you're starting your fourth year of teaching!

  4. what a great year! Maybe in 2011 you can squeeze in a trip to Texas ;)


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