I'm Moving Shoes #18

I broke one of my fashion rules today--wearing red and yellow together. I don't really like wearing these colors together because they make me think of mustard and ketchup. Separately I love these colors, but not so much together, but it kind of worked today. So call me Ronald McDonald with my yellow, red and stripes (the shoes).

I bought my shoes my first year teaching, so four years ago, from Cutesygirl.com. I bought a bunch of flats in one purchase because as a teacher I am on my feet almost all day. The jeans are Charlotte Russe. The belt is Gap. The t-shirt is Old Navy and the grandpa cardigan is F21. The jewelry is Styles for Less and the watch is Fossil.

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  1. you are silly...i wouldn't have even thought anything of the red and yellow had you not mentioned the katchup and mustard thing (ga-rose!) But cute outfit nonetheless!


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