I'm Moving Shoes #19

When did drug store cosmetics become so expensive? I bought foundation, mascara, a bottle of nail polish (gray! I am super excited to paint my nails), eyeliner and a tube of lipstick and it cost me 40 buck! Oh, the price of beauty. Oh, and yesterday I bought a new blow-dryer and that cost me $140. You might be asking yourself, why in the world would you spend so much on a blow-dryer? Because my hair is a frizzy, curly mess of high maintenance and normal blow-dryers don't work on my hair. But that is a story for another day.

These boots might look familiar. I have a black pair too that I wore on Christmas Day. They are from Alloy.com. I bought them about a year ago. I've paired them with holy jeans from Charlotte Russe, and my Old Navy blouse if one is my favorite pieces of clothing. The belt is Target and the blue flower earrings and necklace cost me $1 from the LA Fashion District.

I think I have worn about all of my boots for Moving Shoes....I think...

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  1. I wish we still shared a closet!!

  2. boots, shirt, the colors .. it's like WOW ... really ... love it!


  3. Love the boots! When you're done going through all of your shoes, you should make a post about the tops sites/stores you shop to find them! I'd love that. :)


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