I'm Moving Shoes #21

So remember when I said I thought I was finished wearing all my boots back on Moving Shoes #19? Well, I was wrong. I have a few more. My bad! So the whole point of me doing this is to prove that I do wear all my shoes because Nathan said I don't, but I have to admit that it is getting harder and harder. I do have a lot of shoes that I frankly am not excited about wearing. It's not that I don't like them, they are just harder to style. But, I am going to push through.

These brown boots are from Target. They are very similar to the boots I wore here and here and here. The t-shirt zebra dress is an original design by me. The cardigan is is Kohls. The belt is Target and the leggings/tights are F21. I am wearing circular wooden earring with zebra like designs on them, but I can't really remember where I purchased them.

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