I'm Moving Shoes #22

Confession: I took these pictures last night. I knew I wouldn't be able to take pictures after work today because I planned to go to the gym. So that explains the bad lighting.

These are one of my most favorite shoes. I call them my leopard Barbie shoes. I love leopard print, as mentioned here. I've worn them so much the little leopard furs are rubbing off the top. They are surprisingly comfortable. At one time this was my favorite style shoe so I have a few other pairs very similar. I knew my little toesies would be cold this morning, but once I got into my classroom they thawed. I couldn't even tell you where I got them. They are from some a store that used to be in my local mall, but the brand name is Delicious. I am wearing them with blue jeans from Gap and a silk rust colored top from Express. The blazer is F21. The necklace and earrings were purchased for $1 in the LA Fashion district and I clipped a little broach my mom made to it. The watch is Fossil.

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  1. yeah for Barbie shoes!! I can never find a comfy pair though :(

  2. aaaaw, well, ... outfit is nice :) really, ...even if it was taken the night before :)



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