I'm Moving Shoes #23

I wanted to get these up really quickly because I have a bunch to crochet tonight. I am thinking I might close my shop again because I want to come up with a few new designs. I am thinking I want to put up a few different hat styles and scarves and cowls.

These boots are from Target. I purchased them about 3 years ago and have probably worn them about that many times. They look like boots that Robin Hood would wear or something. The skirt and cardigan are F21. The pink shirt is from Marshalls. My chain necklace used to be a belt, but I reworked it into a necklace. My metal flower earrings were purchased for $1 for the LA Fashion district. The Fossil watch was a gift from Nathan.

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  1. you are still moving shoe? my goodness how many pairs do you have? I'm jealous!


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