I'm Moving Shoes #24

Today was a minimum day at work, not only does that mean I work a half day, but that I can wear some of my highest heels because I will be on my feet less so they will hurt less at the end of the day. Yes, I think about things like that. I plan my outfits very strategically.

My sister left a comment on my Moving Shoes #23. She asked, "You are still moving shoe? My goodness, how many pairs do you have?" I am maybe halfway through all my shoes, but many of my shoes are sandal too. I have one more pair of boots to wear and a few flats, but I do have a lot of sandals too so I might be doing another moving shoes in the Spring/Summer to get through all those...although I don't get dressed all the often in the Summer. I wear a bathing suit most days...we will see.

These knee-high suede boots were purchased from Cutesygirl. I purchased them recently, just about 3 months ago or so. I am wearing super skinny jeans from Angle, a long striped sweater from Alloy and a taupe loose fit t-shirt from Old Navy. The belt is from Target. The necklace is the same one I wore here. The earrings are from the LA Fashion district, and yes I got them for $1.