I'm Moving Shoes #25

Guess what I just got back from doing. Shopping. And guess what I didn't buy. Skirts. I looked, believe me; there just really aren't many out there that fit my standards. I am seriously going to need to do some sewing. I bought black skinny jeans, well, they verge on being jeggings, a knit sweater and a super cute gray and black leopard lose-fit cardigan. The black jeans and the cardigan are so cute together.

Since today is Friday, I went casual. I am wearing cream flats with a gold buckle purchased from cutesygirl.com. Yesterday I wore very high heels and whenever I do I always wear flats the next day to give my feet a break. Again strategic planning. My jeggings, grandpa cardigan, scarf and earring are F21. My long purple shirt is VS.

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