I'm Moving Shoes #26

I didn't intend to do a moving shoes today, but while Nathan and I decided where to go to dinner I decided to take advantage of the time and take my pictures. We went to Claim Jumper. We haven't been there in years, and we were reminded why-- a long wait for over priced food.

Remember how I went shopping yesterday? Here is the outfit I bought. Cute huh? I am wearing "Barbie" style shoes I bought from Baker Shoes when Nathan and I were still dating. I told you I have a few shoes this style. You've already seen my leopard barbie shoes. The chain necklace is a belt a reworked into a necklace, and the silver earring are F21.

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  1. wow ... hot :)
    you look hot here
    I'm sure Nathan would agree with me :)
    love the new stuff you got



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