I'm Moving Shoes #28

I look at other fashion blogs and a lot of people belt almost everything. They belt their dresses, sweaters, jackets, blazers, t-shirts etc. I think they look so cute doing it too, but I try to do it but I just can't. Maybe it's because I am built like a little boy with boobs. It's true. I have zero curves in my waist no booty, pretty narrow hips and then, POW, my bosoms. Who knows where they came from...anyway...not what I want to focus on. When I try belting things most times I look odd. I tried belting this outfit, but it was a no go. But I like how the outfit turned out otherwise.

I am wearing cork wedges that I purchased from Pink Ice in my mall. Even though they are super high, they are considerably comfortable. I wore them all day long teaching and walking around and I was feeling good. The jeans are Charlotte Russe, the sweater and necklace are F21. The t-shirt is Old Navy. The belt is Gap. The watch is Fossil.