I'm Moving Shoes #32

Long day. I woke up after another restless night. Went to work. Taught 120 tenth graders. From work, I went to a doctor's appointment where I had to sit in a room for a half an hour waiting for the doctor. But Nathan was so nice to drive with me down to the hospital on his day off. After all that, we were able to grab some dinner. I am glad to be home relaxing with my doggies.

These yellow cork wedges are the same style I wore here. While the brown ones hurt my feet, these weren't so bad. I've paired them with gray linen plants from F21 that I've worn only twice or so. The gingham button up is Old Navy. The jacket is Gap. I wore a yellow beaded necklace to tie on the yellow of the shoes. The belt is Target and the watch is Fossil.