I'm Moving Shoes #34

I call this top my "Kim Kardashian shirt." Why you ask? Well, Kim always wears really chic clothing with embellishments on the shoulders like feathers or large shoulder pads and jewels like mine. So this is my Kim Kardashian shirt; it's totally not as chic but I like it.

As the 30 for 30 draws closer I am getting nervous. I look at what I've chosen and realize I've picked a bunch of patterns. I feel like I should have chosen more subtle colors and that it will become apparent that I am wearing the same thing over and over...this will be interesting...

I just bought these combat boots over the weekend to include in my 30 for 30. I am feeling very excited about them. This will be my last Moving Shoes for a month. Be sure to come and check out my 30 for 30 starting tomorrow.

{Outfit: combat boots, Styles for Less; skinny jeans, Angle; top, Marshalls; camisole, Styles for Less; leather jacket, Leathertown}

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  1. Love this look on you!! So cute!

  2. this look is very biker. I bought boots like that 15 years ago, funny, guess they are back in style.

  3. this is like cute girly army outfit? ...



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