Reeses Cheesecake To Go

We enjoyed a lovely evening last night in celebration of Nathan's birthday. It was a beautiful day, perfect actually-- blue sky, breezy. Sadly, Nathan worked until 4 o'clock. When he got home we drove down to Marina del Rey to The Cheesecake Factory. Our favorite. It was such a nice night that we sat out on the patio overlooking the harbor. We ordered endive salad, with chicken Madeira and a mushroom burger and shared it all. Delicious. We ordered the Reeses Cheesecake to go. By the time we got home our bellies were ready for the dessert, which we shared. We ended the night cuddling in our big comfy bed. Despite being uneasy about turning a year older, Nathan enjoyed his birthday and the calm, peaceful night we spent together.

(Yet again, Nathan was told he looks like "that guy from 300"-- Gerald Butler :)

(I'll have the invisible food and a large Coke, please)

I wore this outfit on our date tonight. You've actually seen all these pieces before except my jacket. It's an old leather jacket I've probably had for eight years now or something.

{Outfit: shoes, Pink Ice; jeggings, F21; sweater, F21; leather jacket, Leather Town; necklace, American Eagle}

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  2. I like the pants :) ... really, I think I really need more of those :)


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