Accident Prone

{Outfit: jeans, Charlotte Russe; plaid tunic, F21; knit sweater, F21; shoes, Styles for Less; belt, Target; watch, Fossil; earrings, LA Fashion District}

Today I was such a klutz. It stared out with me knocking the speakers off my stand at work and cracking them. Thank goodness they still work especially because I needed to them today. Then when I squatted down to pick the speakers up, I ripped my jeans a little at the knee. If you look closely at my pictures you can see the not the big hole my jeans came with...a little tear that extends down from the hole a little. Can't see it? Well it's there. Then I was walking through one of the aisle and tripped over a students backpack, and I knocked papers on the floor about a hundred times.

Much of my family would not be surprised by these types of actions on my behalf. I was probably the sole reason why so many dishes broke in our home growing up. My Dad always said I needed to slow down because I move too fast. Now my husband tells me the same thing. Maybe I will learn to one day.

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