Blame it on the Rain

{Outfit: jeans, Charlotte Russe; button-up, Old Navy; belt, Target; boots, Cutesygirl; earring & necklace, LA Fashion District; watch, Fossil}

My hair. I blame my frizzed out hair on the rain we had this morning. When I left my house this at 7:40 am, it was perfectly curled. Once I step into the rain, BAM, frizz. YOu can't really tell in these pictures, but it's there. One nice thing about rainy days is students come to class on time. They want to get out of the rain, yet they come in soaking wet because for some reason teenagers think they don't need umbrellas. What's up with that? Is it not cool to walk around with an umbrella? Me on the other hand, I hide under mine in the rain.

Guess what? A Bruno Mars video is being filmed on my street tomorrow. Maybe I can be an extra?

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  1. such a pretty shirt...and hair, despite the weather.

  2. SO adorable and i think your hair looks wonderful and awesome on the video shoot.


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